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Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense alga that holds 90% of your body’s minerals and vitamins for proper function. It is firm in texture and ranges in colour. While all Sea Moss carries the same beneficial qualities and can be used in the same ways, certain colours contain Phytonutrients which offer additional benefits that are unique to them.

Our Sea moss is harvested from the marine waters of St. Lucia.

Sea Moss in the color gold, green, and purple is high in minerals and nutrients and is rich in phytonutrients.

The concentrated colors in green and purple Sea Moss have been preserved by the sheltered drying process, preserving high levels of antioxidants in green and purple Sea Moss.

Gold sea moss is dried by being exposed to direct sunlight for a period that is referred to as “Bleached” or “Sun-dried.”

Anyone who is sensitive to Iodine or have an overactive thyroid or has chronic low blood pressure. Sea moss contains a high concentration of iodine—0.80 milligrams per 100 grams—and the recommended daily intake is 0.15 milligrams

Absolutely! Natural traces of salt can be found on ALL our dried Sea Moss. The presence of salt on Amazona’s Sea Moss is evidence that our Sea Moss has been harvested from St. Lucia’s Ocean.  Due to variations in the drying process, our green and purple Sea Moss contains more traces of salt.

The processing of wholesale orders can take up to two (2)  business days for processing and shipping. Our orders are shipped from Our Florida Warehouse. Standard import and customs fees are included in these orders. We have no control over these fees because they are billed by the receiving country. There will be no refund for items that are left at customs.
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